Karate Spirit
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Master Masataka Mori

photo by Shiroma, I.

Master Masataka Mori is 9th Dan (9th degree black belt) and director of JKA Shotokan Karate Do International, with headquarters in NYC. Master Mori is also a member of the JKA World Federation Shihankai and Technical Committee. Master Mori is Standing Director of the JKA Pan American Region. Master Mori was born 1932 and is from in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. He began studying Karate in 1950 when he entered university. After Master Funakoshi's death in 1957, Master Mori was one of the original instructors sent from Japan in 1963 to bring JKA Karate to the world. Originally teaching in Hawaii, Master Mori came to NYC in 1967. Known worldwide for his traditional teaching style and emphasis on courtesy and manners, Master Mori embodies true Karate Spirit, and is an icon of JKA Shotokan Karate.